The Ask

“Increase in-town ridership by 15% in 90 days.” MARTA client brief. 



While Atlantians love to use MARTA for game days, airport trips and during rush hour, the trains and buses are not popular for daily use among millennials living in town. Given that the metro Atlanta areas are mostly from out-of-town, the challenge was to immerse the transient community with the city and its public transportation.  



Not one team member of our group was from Atlanta, so an online survey and intercepts helped us get an insiders look to validate some notions. 

“If I didn’t ride on MARTA, I don't think I would appreciate the city this much.” // “I use MARTA because I’m from NYC and waking and riding is better than driving. It's faster, easier and you don't have to drive or bike to work.” // “I'm now the go-to person of my friends on where to go and see and how to get there because I actually get to see the city and not behind a steering wheel." 


Target + Insight

Our consumers varied in age groups, professions and reasons for using public transportation. Aside from value, another common thread was the connection felt to the city as a MARTA rider. While MARTA served as a cultural city experience for some, the majority of the users only associated MARTA as a channel of transportation. 


Single Idea

MARTA brings more life to trips. 



Krissy Sanchez - Strategy

Jessica Pester - Art Director

Kailyn Miranda - Copy Writer

Metro Atlanta Rail Transit Authority
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