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The Ask

“We want to be a clean park that is not filled with dog waste and bags along trails.” - Cathy Barnard, Chattahoochee Parks Conservancy Marketing Director. 


We were asked to develop a compelling and clear campaign that incites action leading to proper dog waste disposal for the park go-ers. 


The Chattahoochee Parks Conservancy (CPC) extends for more than 40 miles of public park in the metro Atlanta area. Locally, the parks are a beloved spot for recreation, leisure, dog walks, and place for families. 



Dog waste became an issue in the parks after months of reporting bag waste sightings by clean up volunteers, park rangers and the CPC members. With trash receptacles available at each park entrance, the amount of dog waste left behind either on the ground or in doggy waste bags was unexplainable. Given the toxic nature of feces, the waste became a health hazard as well as a health risk for the Chattahoochee River, which provides the City of Atlanta with clean drinking water. 


Primary research included verbal intercepts, interview intercepts and an online survey which gained ~250 respondents nationwide (with a metro Atlanta skew).


“I leave poop in nature where it will degrade naturally/fertilize the surroundings." // “I leave poop in the grass for fertilizer where no one will step in it.” // “It’s not fun picking up dog poop. The only times I don’t are when I don’t have a bag, it’s in low traffic area, or out in nature.”


From this research we found three groups of dog owners with the moveable middle being the misinformed. 



Target + Insight

Our dog owners believe dog waste is good for the environment and think their actions are beneficial. They love their dogs unconditionally and strive to be seen as loving and responsible dog owners.



Leverage two key strengths; the unconditional love owners have for their dogs and the large existing community of misinformed dog owners. 









Krissy Sanchez - Strategy

Rebecca McAfee - Strategy

Landon Taylor - Art Director

Max Mager - Copy Writer

Clive Neish - Art Director

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